“ I am intrigued and too excited to see the Incubation Cloud! ”


Ken Cohen

Innovation Consultant & Mentor at Capital Factory

“ Your SaaS product seems pretty good. Pretty valuable! I will introduce Incubation Cloud in our Achovalley’s biweekly co-founder meet, where I can put it on the table as it seems fantastic! ”


Jaime Guitart

Mentor-Google for startups

“ I was pleasantly surprised to hear of the work StartupEd do. Connecting CEOs and Founders through their initiative was something I am thankful to you guys for. It's always nice to see another colleague on a mission out there, and it is awesome to support each other. ”


Gabriel Suppiah

Founder of Score Campus

“ Incubation Metaverse is a beautiful product, and it’s target market can be North American universities and corporate companies. ”

Mark Nathan

Techstars Mentor

“ A problem that's faced a lot by founders is the inconvenience of having to go to multiple places and investors to raise money. Incubation Metaverse is a feature that could quickly connect investors with founders after some diligence and quality checks, it'll streamline the entire process, saving time and wasteful effort on both ends. ”

Shankar Sri

Founder of Sputnik Brain

“ Incubation Metaverse is the Matching Engine for Incubators and Entrepreneurs. It’s a Novel Idea. Based on the challenges I have seen and the exposure I had, it could possibly be a great idea for them. ”

Samuel C.F. PANG

F10 Incubator & Accelerator Mentor

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