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StartupEd gives budding entrepreneurs a platform to validate their idea and learn from our vast network.

Access to knowledge sessions
and networking

Gain industry insights and a chance to collaborate with
fellow entrepreneurs.

Connect with entrepreneurs and mentors around the world.

Learn the 'how' and 'what' of entrepreneurship.

Pitch your idea and gain critical insights.

Personalized Entrepreneurship Education

Unlock personalized learning and guidance through diligently curated
entrepreneurship course modules.

Customized courses to help you understand better.

Real founder stories to learn from past experiences.

Get certified and uplevel your skills.

Community Access

A community of entrepreneurs to pass and gain knowledge that has
been gathered from experienced professionals and entrepreneurs.

Learn from the experiences and exchange tips of the trade.

A safe place to garner advice when you have to make decisions.

Build a relationship of trust and confidence with fellows

Idea Validation

Your idea may/may not be one in a million but we sure know how to
help you execute them.

Share your ideas with our global network grid.

Get feedback and suggestions from professionals.

Execute through real-time collaboration.

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