An Opportunity With Purpose

StartupEd is committed to building a strong, global partner ecosystem.
We look forward to a long-term collaboration.

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How To Get Started ?

Module 1

Become A Partner

Register for the program and set up your account. Meet our partnership guidelines.

Module 2

Supporting Funding

Create detailed pages about your services for the users to understand your offerings.

Module 3


Earn fees from qualifying purchases. Our competitive conversion rates help maximize earnings.

What we provide to our partners:

Own partner account

Unique trial registration link

Provide a certification program

Provide the best of breed solutions

Deliver quality support during pre-and post-sales processes

Customized learning modules and business advisory

What we expect from our partners:

They must be knowledgeable and constantly evolve with the market

Channel partners will help grow our business through sales and marketing activities

Develop Customer-oriented and customer-driven solutions. Ideate and iterate to strengthen feedback loops for product evolution

Deep understanding of market dynamics for future expertise delivery and synergies

Benefits of partnering with us?

Compensation Propositional to the Time, Size &
Complexity of the deal cracked

Events to Network and collaborate with other
partners of the ecosystem

Join events through which they will be able to
provide a better solution to their customers

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