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Solutions to support logistics, event organization along with access to domain expertise for program development.

Ecosystem Campaign /Business Event Hosting

Organize and manage events end-to-end on Incubation Cloud

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    Modules for Events creation and scheduling.

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    Dashboards to track registrations and participants’ performances.

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    The readily available audience for event advertising and marketing.

Operational and Logistical Support

Tools to facilitate planning and operations.

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    Manage Email Campaigns and Bulk actions.

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    Project Management tools for effective collaborations.

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    Networking solutions for finding the right guidance and domain expertise.

Build & Scale Incubation Program

End-to-end support in incubation program development and execution.

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    Mentorship in developing Incubation Cookbook.

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    Management tools to aid induction and screening.

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    Analytics to support comprehensive progress tracking.

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