Our Team!

Our culture is one based on good communication, collaboration while having fun! As a new team, we strongly believe in diversity and growth; learning from each other, building on our strengths as well as accepting bigger challenges. Work hard, play hard!

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“To spark innovation, we rely on our employee’s diverse background & their perspective.”

Great Perks for Everyone

We strive to maintain the open culture in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable when sharing ideas and opinions.

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Office Parties

We do organize parties & celebrations for every occasion. We care for our employees. Cheers!

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Annual Trip

Once a year, leaving all official worries behind, we plan adventurous trips for our employees. We believe in the philosophy that all work and no play- makes Jack a dull boy!

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Gaming Zones

Our office culture allows us to relax as well. We have gaming stations at our workspace, in case you love games!

The Team StartupEd

Ankit Buti
Founder & CEO
Samvida Duggal
Business Developer
Vikash Kumar
Software Engineer
Rupangee Agarwalla
Ecosystem Analyst
Abhishek Kumar Subba
Software Engineer
Dhwanish Polavarapu
Product Analyst
Vipin Kumar
UX & UI Designer
Priyanka Banyal Bedi
Business Journalist
Fredrick Hilarian
UX Designer
Kamran Ellahi
Associate Software Engineer
Vimal Singh
QA & Automation Engineer


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