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StartupEd is a marketplace network for founders & startup ecosystem players. We provide incubation platform as a cloud service via personalized entrepreneurship education and smart apps for joint venture development.

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StartupEd™ – Incubation Cloud™ Product Announcement

StartupEd™ is an entrepreneurship launchpad that equips and empowers entrepreneurs around the world. READ MORE

26-year-old Ankit Buti’s StartupED 'teaches' students the art of starting up

Ankit Buti rejected the great American dream to make the “Indian dream” a reality. READ MORE

ENTR Alum Startup Focused on Entrepreneurship Education

Seven years ago Ankit Buti was introduced to entrepreneurship at Purdue. READ MORE

StartupEd participated in event organised by IIT,Delhi

IIT organised an event in Hauz Khas, our CEO Ankit Buti judged the competition. READ MORE

Politico Nation published about Ankit Buti

“I am 26 years old, and I aspire to create exponential impact by revolutionising the concept of startup incubation,” says Ankit Buti to me at the onset. READ MORE

Ankit Buti - Journey of an Entrepreneur interviewed our CEO, Mr. Ankit Buti on his journey of empowering younger generations to become future entrepreneurs. READ MORE

StartupEd hosted Entrepreneurship seminar at DPS, RK Puram

Exun Clan the computer club of DPS organised an event. READ MORE

Atharv- The Fest organised at IIM, Indore

At IIM, StartupEd organised a workshop on 'Anatomy of a Business Plan'. READ MORE

StartupEd sponsored Startup Showcase presented by eDC, IIT Delhi

IITD presented "Startup Showcase" to promote and fund India's best startup. READ MORE

StartupEd participated in event organised at IIM, Indore

Mr. Ankit Buti, Founder & CEO, StartupEd shared his views on —'Management is the key-root of all successes.' READ MORE interviewed our CEO, Mr. Ankit Buti

Ankit Buti the founder of StartupEd graduated high school from Delhi Public School Dwarka with a passion for technology and identity of a wiz-kid. READ MORE

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