French travel blogger Stéphanie Langlet picked up acknowledgment for her stories of India’s tribal groups. Presently, she is advancing the reason for sustainable travel in the nation.

Traveling around the world since 2004, Stéphanie Langlet has participated in a monk’s cremation ceremony in Thailand, hit the dance floor with villagers in Java, and went to weddings in Cambodia. However, it is her Indian stays, and broad scope of tribal groups, that have earned her worldwide prevalence.

Stéphanie initially touched base in India in March 2010, going by Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Mumbai. “I was imagining about the shades of India and I wasn’t frustrated,” she says, referring to Elephanta Islands, Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Zanskar River as some of her most loved spots.

In a later outing to India, in 2012, Stéphanie went to Bastar amid Dussehra. “I didn’t consider India as a place to meet some tribal individuals. Be that as it may, it’s spectacular to find out about their way of life and convictions.” Her expounding on the Bastar people group has, throughout the years, got the consideration of travel bloggers, publications, and even tourism sheets.

Stephanie Langlet

“In 2015, the Indian media followed my trek step by step. I utilized this prevalence to discuss the tribes,” Stéphanie says, referring to her expounding on Bastar as the most well-known posts on her French blog. “My second blog in English turns out to be increasingly prominent. As they both are brimming with social actualities, I draw in the correct individuals, the ones who truly need to be drenched in these societies. The nearby individuals are glad to see such a great amount of adoration for their way of life. It makes my messages all the more capable.”

Stéphanie, who has worked for two decades in hospitality management says, “My audience regularly asks me: ‘In what capacity would I be able to likewise help the tribes, what should I learn first in the event that I need to work in friendliness, and so on.’ I’ve proposed this program to answer these solicitations and demonstrate them in the background of making a social business.” She offers voyagers the chance to venture out with her to goals while learning by hands-on involvement, the subtleties of connecting with nearby tribes and societies, voyaging intentionally, and taking in the ropes of setting up reasonable accommodation organizations.


The experience is corresponding and surely proposed, for explorers who can’t generally stand to partake in such projects. Stéphanie intends to keep the timetable adaptable and has customized visits for members; the goals she has as a top priority are Rajasthan and Uttarakhand and locales she knows about, however, she is likewise open to investigating relationships in different parts of India.

Stéphanie says, “The principle point for me is in regard and resilience for the distinctions. As an explorer, we need to adjust our conduct to the nation we visit, not the reverse. I generally eat in the neighborhood and from the lanes as regularly as possible. I purchase most things from nearby markets and sellers in need. I do activities that have the smallest impact on the environment and never throw my garbage on the streets.”


Taking her travels and professional experience in the hospitality industry, Stéphanie now wants to make reasonable exchange guesthouses in India. The point of these guesthouses is two dimensional. On one hand, they will offer the global explorers reasonable value settlement and help them maintain a strategic distance from traveler tricks. Yet, the more vital part of these guesthouses is that a couple rooms will dependably be accessible – for nothing – to nearby families in need.

Meaning to utilize these housing to cultivate social discussions, she says, “I’d particularly jump at the chance to propose different tweaked visits, such as bringing visitors for lunch with a nearby family. As I need the nearby families to profit, they will get a portion of the things they require in return. I emphatically have confidence in a plan of action that everybody can pick up from.”

Stephanie Langlet

Stéphanie is as of now occupied with getting ready the legitimate contracts with partners and consulting with the French government on her work status, permitting her to dispatch the movement. “I’ve recently discovered that my work status (maker of an organization and travel blogger) doesn’t permit me to dispatch an action abroad. It’s a lawful proviso in French law!”

Feasible travel that connects explorers to nearby groups is more vital than any time in recent memory. Stephanie says, “Our reality is losing its qualities and references. Recalling our past, reconnecting with our underlying foundations help us to keep our character alive.”