The Healthcare sector is nowadays growing since India lags in this sector. According to a report by the Indian Medical Association, India’s healthcare spending remains low at 1.02 percent of the GDP. The government now aims to increase healthcare spending to 2.5 percent of the GDP by the end of its 12th five-year plan, and to 3 percent by 2022.

The healthcare market in India is predicted to grow from $100 billion in 2016 to $280 billion in 2020 and much of this will be done through public-private partnerships and using technology. These new-age startups are bringing a required change in the healthcare sector of India.

NIRAMAI – A Novel Breast Cancer Screening Solution

A ‘Non-Invasive Risk Assessment with Machine Intelligence’ solution to detect breast cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional methods or self-examination. Founded by Geetha Manjunatha (CEO) and Nidhi Mathur (COO), this solution, Niramai can be used as a cancer diagnosis test in hospitals, used for regular preventive health checkups, and also for large scale screening in rural and semi-urban areas.

“Our method of breast cancer screening can detect tumours five times smaller than what clinical examination can detect. With our solution, women of all age groups can undergo frequent screening without any side-effects,” says Nidhi.

It is a less expensive method.


Founded in September 2012,  by Raghav Baldawa. Sometimes it is hard for people to fulfill their requirement for blood, patients suffer from the shortage of blood. At Bloodsure, they are working to eradicate this problem via their startup. They have been providing blood and platelets to the patients in emergency and tying up with as many donors as possible. It is an Indore based startup but has been spreading its wings in other places as well. Blood Sure has organized over 35 camps and collected almost 4,000 units of blood with over 75,000 frequent willing blood donors.

“If only 10 per cent of potential donors in India donate blood once in six months, it’ll be sufficient for the whole of Southeast Asia”, says Raghav.


Founded by Ashish Bhatia (Founder and CEO) and Rahul Shukla (Founder and COO) in 2015, LabsAdvisor aims to help patients when they are in search of pathology and radiology labs. They hope to make diagnostic testing as painless as possible. LabsAdvisor is also a repository for health records. They are a group of professionals passionate about delivering quality healthcare to the average Indian.

They use the process to periodically measure quality and communicate price transparently.

The Healthcare sector nowadays becoming more and more active and increasing rapidly. The prediction will definitely come true if the healthcare sector continues to grow like this.