AirOK Technologies

AirOk technologies was founded in 2014 by IIT-Madras alumni Deekshith Vara Prasad, Yasa Pavan Reddy, and Sravan Krishna. AirOk aims at being a one-stop solution for indoor air pollution and air quality management and serves the working community. After two years of ground research and development, they came up with hexagonal dual stratified filtering technology called EGAPA which could filter pollutants including air suspended particulate matter. Incubated at IIT-Madras, AirOk has launched India’s first indigenously developed Smart Air purifier ‘Vistar’ in Chennai.


Phoenix Robotix

Phoenix Robotix was founded by Amiya Kumar Samantaray, Kishan Kumar Patel, Akanksha Priyadarshini, Asish Sahoo, Nataraj Sahoo, and Ashutosha Sarangi in the year 2015. The startup has launched Aurassure, which provides a complete solution for real-time air and weather quality monitoring in Smart Cities. It has raised a funding of $ 50K to date. Based out of Odisha, Phoenix Robotix gives a cost-effective solution for the ever-changing environment.


Smart Air Filters

Smart Air Filters is a social enterprise that promotes DIY air filters as a low-cost solution to indoor particulate air pollution in China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, and other countries where air pollution is causing health problems. It was founded by a Ph.D. student Thomas Talhelm in 2013, entered the Indian market in 2015, and is currently based out of Delhi and Beijing.


Bonphul Air Products

Bonphul Air Products is a New Delhi based start-up company, that took the initiative of creating innovative Indoor Air Quality products. This startup developed an oxygen optimizer product named OxyMax, that harvests oxygen from the outdoors, increases the level of oxygen in the indoor air, and helps to improve the air quality. It was founded by Prodyut Bora and Narendra Bisht in 2017. The bootstrapped company has more than 400 prospective customers.


Based out of Delhi, BreatheFresh is a bootstrapped company founded by Gaurav Arora and Bhawani Bhateja in the year 2017. It is Make in India startup that manufactures and sells natural indoor air purification solutions. BreatheFresh products are available on Amazon and Flipkart, as well as the BreatheFresh website. The company’s core offering is Vayu Natural, a bag made of high-quality charcoal fabric that absorbs harmful pollutants and smoke particles present in the air.