India is diverse in almost every manner. I believe that one lifetime isn’t enough to explore it completely. The country possesses certain beautiful elements and works of skill that have no comparison anywhere else. No, I am not talking about any historical monument or a religious place, but the local handicrafts.

Ever tried Chanderi or Banarsi Sarees? All of them are worth your time and money. But, after the Industrialization, this craft almost lost its popularity. Although after the development of India started, it gained its charm back, but not the same way as before. Later, with the government’s and craftsmen’s effort, this art came back into the limelight. With digitalization, these are accessible to everyone.
Here is a compilation of the 5 best online platforms to buy Indian handicrafts that aim to protect our national heritage and also help artisans earn a livelihood by presenting the products not just at the national level, but globally as well. So, make sure you explore them:


iTokri is an online platform, best described as “a store with a story”. The store offers a wide range of products, be it in personal grooming or home décor. iTokri aims to bring together many innovative design and craft businesses in India that need a logistics centre, thus building a store, which understands Indian shopping sensibilities, and develops a creative and sustainable model for craftspeople at the same time.

Dastkar Andhra:

Dastkar Andhra aims to sustain handloom weaving as a viable rural livelihood option. It works directly with the weavers as well as their cooperatives in Andhra Pradesh. It also works towards capacity building in these cooperatives and makes interventions in design and technology. Products from Dastkar Andhra can be bought from different stores, in Delhi. You can buy it from Permanent stall in Ghal-E- Khas, Dastkar, Andheria Mod, Anuvrat Marg, New Delhi 110074, or you can find it online on their website.

Chanderiyaan: is an e-commerce portal that showcases the brilliance of the Chanderi weavers from Madhya Pradesh. This platform is managed by a network of weavers’ self-help groups through a common platform – Chanderi Weavers Resource Integrated Information Resource Centre. Its products can be bought here.


Emithilahaat was born to help artisans of Mithila who are skilled Madhubani painters. Most of the artisans did not have the platform to sell their products to the customers, and mediators used to abuse them by quoting lower prices. Emithlahaat serves as a platform that would directly connect the buyers and sellers, thereby allowing artisans to get a fair price. Emithlahaat not only offers a wide variety of paintings but women’s Kurtis and jewelry as well.


Kashmir, the valley full of young skilled minds but at the same time affected by the plight. Muheet, the founder of KashmirBox, says: “KashmirBox is the creation of thoughtful young minds that went online to promote the heritage of Kashmir. Affected by the plight of Kashmiri artisans, the founders vowed to make a difference to the lives of thousands of craftspeople and create a global marketplace for them. The idea was to bring the world to their doorstep! Gradually, the idea grew and took the beautiful form of KashmirBox, taking Kashmir to the world”. The artisans and partners also sell their products by their brand names on the site. KashmirBox provides a range of Kashmiri products–from spices to Kashmiri embroidery, and even home décor. Check out their website for more.