New Leaders is an American non-profit organisation that aims to recruit and train school leaders who focus on improving education results for poor and minority students. It also aims to promote system-level policies and practices that provide support to these leaders.


The organization was founded in 2000 for New Schools by Jonathan Schnur and a group of teachers and investors. Research from the Harvard Business school and RAND corporation has found that principals from the New Leaders program have “outperformed their peers”. As of 2016, the organization trains education leaders at all levels, in more than 20 cities across the United States.


In 2001, New Leaders launched its Flagship Aspiring Principals program with a small cohort of 14 participants. Since then, they’ve prepared nearly 3,200 outstanding education leaders who reach nearly 500,000 students in more than 30 cities nationwide. And their alumni’s overwhelmingly work with America’s highest-need students: 78 percent of students served are low-income; 87 percent are children of color.


Their mission is to ensure high academic achievement for all children, especially students in poverty and students of color, by developing transformational school leaders and advancing the policies and practices that allow great leaders to succeed.


The New Leader works hand-in-hand with their partners, delivering solutions that build on their strengths and address their most-pressing priorities. Together, they cultivate diverse and talented educators, providing high-quality leadership training that prepares them to elevate instruction across their schools, accelerate student learning, and build a brighter future for their communities.


All of their programs emphasize authentic practice and expert feedback to equip participants with the leadership skills needed for success in their current role and as a foundation for future advancement. They also help their partners develop the capacity to do this work in-house using the New Leaders research-tested curriculum.

This approach enables New Leaders to meet each partner’s unique needs, whether they seek to address targeted leadership development priorities or to implement a more comprehensive leadership pipeline strategy.