“Education is the best provision for the journey to old age” – Aristotle

In India, over 47 million children drop out before the 10th grade and over 82 lakh children are forced to work as child labourers. These children are denied education which is a fundamental right in our country. Education not just helps in employment opportunities but also improves the quality of living

By drawing attention towards these aspects of the nation where young entrepreneurs of Enactus Hansraj are paving way for children to get a quality education through their Project Angan.

Project Aangan aims to provide top-notch facilities in the realms of childcare and development to ensure grooming through an amalgamation of entrepreneurial action and social alleviation.

Through this project, they seek to raise awareness about the alarmingly high rates of infant mortality as well as lay proper stress on the foundation of one’s being – a healthy childhood.

In Project Angan, students of Enactus Hansraj set up a daycare facility where children from ages 3+ come and get basic education through their specially designed courses by their women entrepreneurs, workshops, and sessions with students, to help them develop some basic skills. This project has its own social and economic impacts. Economically, project Angan has been a good source of earning which provides full employment to 2 teachers who make an annual corpus of? 1,20,000. 15% of this turnover is allocated to reserves, thereby ensuring financial security for these entrepreneurs. On the other hand, socially, Project Aangan has been providing an integrated learning experience to underprivileged children but also allows for greater flexibility for the parents of their students by removing their concerns.

Project Aangan of Enactus Hansraj has been impacting the society through their crèches in different regions of Narela and Gurugram and thus contributing to making the world a better place.