StartupEd is always in search of leaders and institutions that are challenging the status quo in their respective domains. One such leader is Montfort School, New Delhi. They are changing the landscape of education through their unique policies and leadership style. To explore this, StartupEd had an exclusive interview with Brother T. Alex, Principal of Montfort School.

Here is how it went:-

What matters most for your school? Is it strong academics, extracurriculars, or both?
I have no higher preference of one over the other as both of them go hand in hand. They both are extremely important for the students to focus on. A holistic approach is something which the schools of this country should make a priority. Some schools sacrifice one for another and this should be avoided.

Our school is focusing on introducing a lot of cultural activities this year. These activities will be based on rethinking over values of honesty, fraternity, leadership, compassion, etc.

I believe that every child should enjoy learning and that is why we are providing the best ambiance to learn in a more exciting manner.

What do you think about the tuition culture in the country?
I believe that students are wasting their time in tuitions and coaching centers. It is a culture in which students are filling up their schedules with these extra classes which a lot of them don’t even take seriously. It has become a status symbol since perceptions are changing. I believe that schools should make an extra effort to understand the problems of the child. Recently, our school is trying to modify the examination system to reduce the burden on students. We want students to not just learn but think and analyze.

As a principal in today’s times, there is a huge competition from other educational institutions since in contemporary times, various schools have a lot of unique things to offer like enhanced curriculum, Ed-Tech services, Innovative Teaching methodologies, etc. What do you think about it?
I believe that the biggest branding for a school is to create an environment where students and parents enjoy their time while they are a part of it. Whatever makes the learning process engaging, students will want to be a part of it. All the initiatives that we have planned for the coming year is an effort to create such kind of environment.

What do you think about Ed-Tech innovations in the Indian Education System?
I believe that certain Ed-Tech services are good. Smartboard systems are proving to be quite engaging for both students and teachers. Though there are times when the syllabus that teachers want to teach doesn’t match completely with the content available on Smartboards, there is still a scope of flexibility as teachers sometimes author their own content and display it on the smartboards. Although smartboards have not redefined the entire teaching methodology, they are a great tool to make the process engaging and fun.

What kind of efforts are being made to make the learning process more engaging?
CBSE is planning to improve the learning process in schools by introducing the concept of ‘joyful learning’.

They are basically introducing a multidisciplinary approach to the subjects being taught and teaching more about art and culture as these categories broaden the thinking level of the children.