Why is Christmas also known as Xmas?

The X comes from the ancient Greek language where X refers to Christ. So, Xmas simply means Christmas.

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Santa Claus and his clothes

Santa Claus’s character is based on St. Nicholas who loved children and also enjoyed giving gifts to children secretly.Santa initially wore clothes that were in green, purple or even blue. For many years, this was the common theme for the jolly old man at the North Pole.

However, Coca-Cola decided to dress him up in colors that match their brand and now he is forever in red clothes!


What does Santa do to children who are bad throughout the year

Santa does not simply ignore the children who have been bad through the year? He puts pieces of coal into the child’s stocking instead of gifts! This tradition started in Italy. Yet another important reason for children to be good through the year and do as many good deeds as they can.


Why are holidays referred to as 12 Days of Christmas

Legend has it that the three kings took twelve days to travel to the birthplace of baby Jesus.

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Who knew Christmas cake was related to the journey of 3 wise men.

One of the best parts of Christmas is the bounty of Christmas cake available everywhere. These cakes are also known as plum cakes but there are, in fact, no plums in the cake! Raisins were known as plums in medieval times and the ingredients were stirred in an East to West direction similar to that of the journey of the three wise men


Statue of liberty was a Christmas gift.

The Statue of Liberty was gifted by France to the USA as a Christmas gift in 1886.