‘Our strength lies in our processes. We love to see the balance of what the consumer wants and see bits of our entire process in the final products.’ – Stimulate Designs. StartupEd had an exclusive interview with Sunakshi Bansal, Founder of Stimulate Designs. Read her story below.

Tell me a little bit about your venture.

Stimulate Designs has Invented the World’s Most Comfortable Insole System (patent pending), which can increase the comfortability of existing High Heels to 35%. We have replaced conventional steel re-inforced insole boards with high-performance plastic which results in better pressure distribution, more stability, and lesser energy expenditure. Every component used in the process is meticulously selected (Like NASA Grade Foam). Stimulate Designs is a team of Finest Experts and Professionals from Different Backgrounds. Our team comprises of Polymer Scientist, BioMechanist and Mechanical Engineer and Visual designer who have contributed their knowledge in building this Innovation.

What stimulated you to start your venture? Entrepreneurship is all about problem-solving. For E.g. – A young guy couldn’t find a taxi, he founded UBER which transformed the way people commute. What is the problem set you are working with?

I was a frequent high heel user and struggled to find a comfortable pair for myself. Before diving in, I did a global search on all brands who claimed to offer comfortable heels and ordered their shoes. After conducting wear trials on them, I saw a massive gap in their marketing claims and actual comfort. The few comfortable footwear were ugly, that’s when I thought that I could solve this problem as a designer by bridging the gap between comfort and aesthetics. According to my opinion, fashion should be pain-free. I also have hyper-flexible ligaments because of which I used to experience frequent knee injuries. Doctors advised me to use my knee joints less otherwise it would lead to an early onset of arthritis which is very common in women. This got me inquisitive about body biomechanics, I started reading about it, took classes from orthopaedists. I found the subject very interesting and discovered my passion for foot biomechanics. I wanted to club this interest with my passion for design and footwear.

What are your plans for growth?

The global revenue of High Heels is nearly 34.1 billion USD; the actual production is about 832 million pairs. We are aiming to cover a large chunk of this Market. Our vision is to replace every conventional mediocre insole with high performing one in all high heeled footwear globally. We would help fashion brands earn more profits by satisfying their customers.

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your journey and if you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

One needs to trade the quality of his life to build a start-up. Had I known before- the amount of hard work, emotion, and soul that goes into building a start-up, I would have chosen a simpler path.

This is a hypothetical situation- imagine that you can invite anyone for dinner and they would surely accept your invitation. Who would you invite and why?

A lot of people inspire me at different points of time. It can be a friend, stranger, mentor or someone I read about in the news. If I have to invite somebody now, I would invite Donatella Versace over dinner. She is one of the biggest high heels enthusiasts like me. Sharing my entrepreneurial journey with her will be fun.

What is that one advice you would like to give to all the entrepreneurs out there?

Never say you have failed unless you have reached your last attempt. Never say it’s your last attempt unless you have succeeded.