Progrescio – Latin word which means – “To Progress”, coined by Swarna Upadhyayula from being an Interview-phobic person earlier to now creating history with her Entrepreneurial Journey.

StartupEd had an exclusive interview with Swarna Upadhyayula, Founder of Progrescio. Read her story below.

Tell us a little bit about your background: Education? Any early influences that stayed with you?

I have completed my B.Tech in Electronics and Communications. Then I completed my masters in International Business and later pursued masters in Media Management and Broadcast Technology. Just after completion of my masters in IB, I founded Progrescio, in 2019. Progrescio, is a Digital Agency, which provides services like Digital Marketing, Website Dev., App Dev. Considering my expertise in IB, we were earlier targeting International Markets, but now we are aiming for the Indian Market as well. We as Progrescians aim to grow together and want our clients as well as our employees to be – free, creative, and to have 0 stress. The mission of our company is to reach large masses and to connect with those people who want to come on a digital platform considering the COVID situation.

Breaking the Monotony and Stagnant phase is where the actual growth path starts. My own fear of Public speaking got away only when I did Business Dev., Sales job, with all those ice-breaking conversations with strangers.

“Bring the change in yourself, the System will change eventually.”

Why did you not want to do a mainstream job? Was the plunge to entrepreneurship difficult – what went through your mind?

Okay, so spontaneously, just one fine day I quit as Business Dev. Manager with an idea that I want to start my own company, which I must mention was with a bag full of undiscovered yet exciting things with me. Practically, clueless is the word for that day, I literally had No Business Plan, No Funds, No Investors, No Partners. After I came home that day, I actually Interviewed myself for the job at my own company and appointed myself as the CEO of Progrescio. I did all the website designing, content, blog writing – as I am very passionate about writing as well. I did start with a mainstream job initially, but it helped me realize my Free Spirited nature, and how much I loved my expression of Go Get It attitude. Honestly, I do lack patience, and that’s why I always look for quick growth opportunities. Initial struggles from No resources, to actually pitching my B-Plan to investors, is what taught me how to believe in my dream.

“A multitasker like me can never fit into a mainstream job domain. I do need the exciting air of unpredictability, high risk-taking for high rewards making mindset to keep me going always.”

How did you arrive at the idea of your venture, Progrescio? What was your ‘eureka’ moment? Explain the problem statement or the gap you observed in the market here, and your solution for it.

It started when I was doing Business Dev., as I was handling the US and UK – International Market, for digital marketing services. As I did pretty well in the initial months, it gave me a boost to continue understanding the culture of International Business.

The Biggest Eureka moment was when we unexpectedly got our 1st Big client this early, in the 2nd month of Progrescio’s birth itself. Also being an early-age startup, we didn’t expect people will join us so soon.

The major gap I observed is that people in International Business are more welcoming to new and efficient ideas, whereas people In India have a limited budget mostly, which often leads to a lot of trade-offs in a deal.

What is your definition of success and how do you measure it?

“The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows.”

– Aristotle Onassis

So taking my inspiration from my favorite quote, I want to identify the problems of my customers for which the solutions don’t exist.

We are currently researching on IoT – how to get Smart Technology in TV and Radio studios, to make our lives much easier, better, and efficient.

What have been the toughest challenges you’ve faced so far, what has been your biggest success?

Like any other entrepreneur – it was definitely an investment, and then was getting partners, specifically in slow momentum market phases like right now – Covid 19 – 2020. Getting a good team with everyone being equally passionate about the vision and mission of the startup is also quite challenging.

This is a hypothetical situation- imagine that you can invite anyone for dinner and they would surely accept your invitation. Who would you invite and why?

I have had a lot of inspiring people through my journey, but if I have to choose 1, it will be writer/philosopher of the famous novel Alchemist- Paula Coelho. I love the way he describes life’s philosophy in a very dramatic way, in a manner that you get glued to your seats till you finish his books.

There are so many different and unique ideas out there. What made you stick to your startup idea for Progrescio?

Progrescio – helps people to build their brands, to have an identity, especially in a situation like COVID, everybody has to switch to digital platforms, and that too in the pool of infinite other ventures.

Based on what your startup currently needs the most in these tough times of Covid-19, can you share 2 – 5 essential resources you can have from Incubators in the Startup Ecosystem?

  1. Investment/Investors – to grow Progresio’s team size and take up large projects
  1. Market Outreach

What skills do you feel you have that makes you an all-rounder – successful Entrepreneur?

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Managerial Skills
  3. Communication Skills

All these skills are super essential for the internal as well as the external growth of any startup, which dares to dream big.

What is that one piece of advice you would like to give to all the entrepreneurs out there?

Not everyone can become a great entrepreneur, but a great entrepreneur can come from anywhere.

Keep going no matter how, and never stop, no matter what!

Keep your expectations high, and targets even higher!

Fight everyday battles for your dreams, because it’s everyday win, everyday lose game.