StartupEd had an opportunity to take an exclusive interview of Akhilesh Maurya, founder of Boost Thyself – an initiative to spread positivity. Read here to know about his journey and the challenges he faced and triumphed.

Tell me about Boost Thyself. What stimulated you to start this venture?
In the last year of my engineering, one of my friends committed suicide and that incident changed me completely. I used to write articles on my own website and after the suicidal death of my friend, the idea of Boost Thyself popped up.

I realized after the incident, why not start something which can inspire and boost people.

On 28th Feb 2017, I started Boost Thyself. In the initial months, I made my team focus on building networks. We collaborated with YourQuote, a writing platform, to get verification badge on their platform. We have been organizing ShOUT (Show Out Your Talent) events to encourage and promote young talent. We have organized 13 events in different cities in India.

What was your biggest challenge while starting Boost Thyself?
I was jobless at that time and the biggest challenge was money. There were fewer funds with higher expenses So I focused on building networks. Other than money, there was a challenge or a doubt in my mind that I would ever be able to inspire even a single person.
To clear this doubt, I started working on my own self. I brought some changes in my life and started to stay positive.

What is your Revenue Model like?
We have registered our company as Inspilesh Media Private Limited. We do provide services like web development, graphic designing, digital marketing. I am also a motivational speaker and life-coach. Also, I take one-to-one sessions on career counselling and life-coaching, and have now collaborated with KC College of Engineering, Thane, where I will be taking sessions in EDC cell.

According to a Harvard Business Review Study, 75% startup fail. Did that ever deter you about starting your venture?
Even after starting Boost Thyself, I did not realize that I was becoming an entrepreneur. I was enjoying working and witnessing the positive change in my life. This is one of the things which helps me to stay motivated to work and grow Boost Thyself. I continuously enhance myself to inspire others.

What was your biggest mistake in your venture?
In my earlier days of Boost Thyself, I too made some mistakes but I also learned from them and worked in the direction of making things better. I was not regular in doing my work. I used to complete a task in bits and I now consider it a big mistake. I started to do things in a regular manner and overcame my mistake. Also, I didn’t use to take criticism well. But, I now have learned that whatever comes and one might say, I won’t change my attitude and won’t discourage myself from criticism and naysayers.

What is the one piece of advice you want to give to the readers who will be reading your interview?

If you have any idea and want to open a startup – Go For It. Remember that you are going to face a lot of challenges in your journey but nothing is as important and huge for you as your dream — Stay Positive.