They don’t discourage their children from making mistakes

Historically, many educators have created conditions for learning that do not encourage errors. And parents have followed suit. Whether it involves homework, developing friendships, or playing soccer, learning is enriched through error. Learning from mistakes is part of how kids are challenged to learn to do things differently. It motivates them to try new approaches.

Making mistakes is part of life. What’s important is how we learn from them.

They teach children value of money

One way to do that is to giving them allowance and when you take them out ask them to use their own money. When they run out of money and ask you for more money, tell them they will have to wait for next allowance day.

If the child wants something big, help them figure out how much they needs to save each week in order to buy it. This will teach them value of money.

They manage their own lives well

Parents constantly set examples for their children. As a parent, the best thing you can do to teach children success is to succeed yourself and let them see what it takes.

This not only means you need to have a definition of success, but also an understanding of how to achieve.